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Suzanne Carillo - Artist, designer, stylist.


Welcome to my blog!

Pull up a chair and let's get to know each other.

I love fashion, design, style and everything that fits in-between.

This blog started out as a way to promote my business (which is designing and selling scrapbooking products & cards) and has evolved into a fashion/lifestyle blog that also features my latest creations and DIY projects.

This year I've decided to focus even more on fashion (since I hate having my photo taken, sometimes all these photos of me in my outfits can be like one huge therapy session) I still find it difficult to look at myself, but the styling and creating unique outfits is what I'm really passionate about.

If you like my style, I am available for personal fashion consultations in the Greater Toronto Area or fashion consults via Skype and FaceTime. Contact me directly at for a personalized quote.

I also design one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces. I truly put my heart and soul in each piece. Each one is a little journey and at the end I'm delighted to discover how each piece turns out. Some of these are sold through my Etsy store.

I have been illustrating for the scrapbooking and crafting industry since 2001 and have my own company called Bisous, which means little kisses in French. You can view & purchase my work through, and my stamp lines are available thru Art Gone Wild.

Poke around the blog for a bit longer. No need to rush off.

If you have anything to add I'd love to hear from you.

Suzanne : )


fashion, art, design, travel, Tango dancing, cooking, interior design, jewelry.